Wrap Around Doors

The wrap around door, also referred to as a wrap around gate, gets its name because it wraps around the outside of the elevator car—allowing for a larger walkthrough opening than traditional elevator gates.

Maximize your space with style

The Wrap Around Door from Bella Elevator wraps around the car exterior, providing a larger walkthrough opening than traditional gates.

This door comes standard in hardwood veneer. Or, if it suits your style, ask about our wood or metal frames with vision panels.

Perfect for smaller Home Elevators

The wrap around door maximizes the space on narrow platforms and smaller home elevators, and comes in stylish natural wood designs that match any home aesthetic.

Full coverage using minimal space

Our unique, corner-turning design allows wider opening than other elevator gates. As a result, wrap around doors can cover the full car opening and sits just ⅝” from edge of platform.

Effortless Installation

Shipped as a single assemblage and runs on conventional circuit—allowing for a straightforward installation.

Wrap Around Door Designs for Every Home


The operator for the wrap around door is shipped as a single assemblage and runs on a conventional 115 volt circuit so that additional power is not typically required.

The wrap around door is made with ¾” solid wood panels and guided along the bottom. It closes to cover the full opening of the car and sits just ⅝” from the edge of your platform, so there isn’t a dangerous opening to worry about. The door is fitted with hinge tubes to prevent pinching.

Our unique design turns a corner as it opens and wraps around the side wall of the elevator, leaving the maximum clear opening possible, and placing the door out of the way while entering and leaving the elevator.

Are Our Wrap Around Doors the missing piece to your project?

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