Bella Elevator Presents Enterprise Elevator Products

National Association of Elevator Contractors

Enterprise Elevator Products is a Proud Member of the National Association of Elevator Contractors.
Enterprise Elevator Products.

Closures With Creativity.

Over 45 years of experience fabricating custom gates and doors to meet the specific requirements of individual elevators. From replacement parts for your existing lift to the finishing touches on a new installation, we’ll help you find the perfect fit.

We have smart, safe and attractive solutions for:

    • Freight Elevators
    • Commercial Lifts
    • Residential Elevators
    • Narrow Openings
    • Unsafe Swinging Doors

Enterprise Elevator Products now offers a Light Curtain safety option for all of our Collapsible Gates..
The Light Curtain is completed integrated into the collapsible gate hardware. This intelligently designed system is a valuable safeguard and added protection that all collapsible gates can utilize. Enterprise Elevator Products is committed to providing the maximum protection and security to the passengers we serve.


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