Enterprise Collapsible Gates

The Enterprise collapsible gate is a stronger, sturdier and more secure version of the classic scissor gate—with a light curtain built right in. Choose from a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Like a scissor gate, but stronger & more secure.

The Enterprise Collapsible Gate is designed and manufactured to comply with current codes.

Choose from a wide variety of attractive finishes and colors to ensure the perfect fit.

Configurations available include Classic, Pearl or Diamond and Pearl.

Custom Finishes

Choose from a variety of finishes and styles to choose the best elevator gate to complement your home.

Quiet Operation

Nylon “Quiet Glide” wheels for smooth operation

Low Profile

Enhance aesthetics with a low profile track.


More Features & Specs

Versatile Gate Designs for Every Home

Web Configuration Options:


A timeless design that is both durable and functional


An attractive and refined alternative to the original scissor style

Diamonds & Pearls

A stunning combination of the Pearl and the Classic collapsible gates


There are several optional colors and materials from which the gate can be made.

This type of gate should not be power operated.

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