Space Guards​

Elevator space guards and door baffles are important for securing the space between the hoistway door and the car gate/door when that space exceeds 4 inches. Learn more about how our space guards fit into your home elevator project!

Safeguard your home elevator entrance.

An added layer of protection for elevators constructed prior to ASME A17.1 code (2016), elevator space guards and baffles reduce the space between the hoistway door and the car gate/door. 

This effectively eliminates a potentially unsafe gap for elevators installed prior to current code year, saving expenses on installing an entirely new system. 

ASME A17.1 (2016 and newer) code requires that the space between the hoistway door and the car gate/door not exceed 4 inches.

*In most jurisdictions, new residential elevators installed to ASME A17.1 (2016 and newer) code must be designed to eliminate this space without the use of a space guard.

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Plastic Space Guards

  • Designed to be installed on a 32" or 36" wide residential elevator hoistway doors and fill a 2 ⅝" space.
  • Come standard in white but can be painted.

Wood Space Guards

  • Custom made at full height or half height and can accommodate existing door handles, locks, and windows.
  • If you need to fill a space greater than 3 ¾”, the full height, articulated, wood space guards are expandable to fill up to an 8” void from the face of the door to the landing sill edge, and retract to the face of the door when the door is open.

Baffles and Space Guards


A space guard or door baffle could be added to bring your installation up to the newest code. Contact your installing dealer or call us at 309-689-2584 to find a representative near you. 

Yes! Our plastic space guards come in white, but can be painted to suit your style.

The cost of the space guard is dependent upon the size, material used for construction and the cost of installation. Contact your installer for a quote. Don’t have an installer yet? Call us at 309-689-2584 for our trusted recommendations. 
While we don’t work directly with homeowners, we are happy to recommend a licensed installer in your area. Call us at 309-689-2584 for our trusted recommendations.

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