Commercial Elevator Gates

Whether you are looking for a collapsible gate or lift-up gates for your commercial application, our custom-built products offer sturdy and functional solutions. 

Protection and security first.

Our commercial gates are designed to maximize protection and minimize stress.

For custom-tailored advice on which of our gates will support your needs, reach out to one of our specialists!

Meets or exceeds Safety Standards

Our commercial gates meet or exceed the current codes, allowing you peace of mind it will pass inspection and be ready for use.

Built for Long Term Durability

Under proper care, our gates stand the test of time.


Industries & Uses

*Availability depends on code year


The Enterprise elevator gates are designed and manufactured to meet the latest requirements of ASME A17.1.

Although they are currently prohibited on new commercial passenger elevators, collapsible gates can be used on older passenger elevators or on freight elevators. You should do your due diligence to ensure your elevator is compliant with the code to which it will be inspected. Contacting a local elevator contractor or the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) is always in your best interest.

Our gates are built to order, and can fit in most instances. You will want to contact a local elevator contractor to confirm measurements.

The cost of the gate is dependent upon the size and the cost of the installation. Request your custom quote today!

We have made gates that serve as a barrier/divider. We do not make a locking device for gates intended to be used as a security device, a locking device must be provided by others.

Yes, we have made many gates for movies and television shows. (Including “The Elevator Protest” episode of Raven’s Home!)


Commercial Gate products:

Enterprise Collapsible Gates

Lift-Up Gates

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