Residential Elevator Gates

Enterprise Elevator Products, now part of Bella Elevator, has been fabricating custom gates and doors to meet your specific residential elevator needs for over 50 years.

Your gate should be as beautiful as it is durable.

As the first part of any home elevating system to get noticed, admired, and handled, the gate or door is a detail that deserves extra attention. 

That’s why our Enterprise elevator gates are custom-built for each project (right here in the USA) and engineered for long-term safety and durability.

Customized for Your Design

Our gates can be tailored to each project, including color palate matching—while fitting your budget.

Ultra Fast Shipping

Our standard Enterprise Collapsible Gates can ship within 48 hours.

Meets Safety Standards

All gates meet or exceed requirements for strength & safety, protecting you and your loved ones.

Designed for Durability

Thanks to our unique manufacturing process, our gates stand the test of time with proper care.

Versatile Gate Designs for Every Home


An elevator gate should be installed by a licensed elevator contractor to ensure the safety of the elevator.

The gate will be built to order, and can fit most elevators. See our Measuring Guide or contact an Elevator contractor for accurate measurements.

The Enterprise elevator gates are designed and manufactured to meet the latest requirements of ASME A17.1.

The cost of the gate is dependent upon the size, material used for construction and the cost of installation. Request a Quote with your project details so we can estimate a price for you.

Are Our Custom Gates the missing piece to your elevator project?

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